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Sell Used IBM pSeries

Sell Used IBM pSeries


Sell us your used IBM pSeries hardware!

We've been purchasing used IBM pSeries hardware since 2004 Here's how it works :

  1. You submit the form below
  2. One of our experienced pSeries buyers will determine the highest market value of your hardware
  3. Our pSeries buyer will contact you with an aggressive and fair offer
  4. Upon your acceptance of our offer, we send you a Purchase Order
  5. You let us know when the hardware will be available for pickup
  6. We arrange for pickup and send you a prepaid shipping label (we cover all incoming shipping costs)
  7. Our techs will inspect your hardware to verify the it's in the condition you specified
  8. We cut you a check the same day!

Every single day, Core 4 Solutions is purchasing the following IBM pSeries hardware :

  • IBM pSeries Servers
  • IBM pSeries Memory
  • IBM pSeries Hard Drives
  • IBM pSeries Parts and Components
  • IBM pSeries Feature Cards
  • IBM pSeries Peripherals

Advantages of selling your pSeries hardware to Core 4 :

  • Our volume buying allows us to pay top dollar 
  • Recover your initial IT investment
  • Stretch your replacement hardware budget
  • Reduce waste
  • Fast payment
  • Sell to a trusted buyer

Learn more about Core 4 Solutions here.

Fill out the form for a hardware quote!

If you know of other companies that are looking to sell used IBM pSeries hardware, send them our way and we will make sure you are appropriately compensated.