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Core 4 provides affordable IT equipment and services to accelerate your business possibilities.


We’re More Than a Store.

Core 4 goes beyond simply fulfilling hardware orders; we offer smarter solutions at every point of the IT hardware life cycle to make sure your infrastructure is effective and affordable, with maximum uptime.

They Prioritize Profits. We Prioritize YOU.

OEMs have spent decades convincing IT professionals that they’re the only way to go. It isn’t true.

We started Core 4 because we saw how OEMs pushed expensive equipment and bulky service plans on customers and knew there was a better way. By leveraging our 25+ years of industry experience and wide network of hardware suppliers, we could create custom solutions to give customers exactly what they needed.


The culmination of this vision is our SmartCare maintenance program, Core 4 delivers best-in-class custom solutions at value pricing. It’s a win-win.


Our hardware maintenance contracts save our clients an average of:


by switching from Cisco Smart Net to SMARTCARE


by switching from HP Care Packs to SMARTCARE


Refurbished? More like Reborn.

Refurbished equipment that’s as reliable as new equipment? Believe it. Every part comes with a one-year warranty. Other Core 4 benefits include:

  • 23,000 square foot warehouse with Tech Center on site
  • Same-day shipping on domestic & international orders; free 2-day shipping within the continental U.S.
  • 83,000+ parts in stock, from over 34,000 SKUs
  • Able to source hard-to-find / end-of-life products
  • We perform end-to-end testing on all hardware: once when it arrives at our warehouse, and once just prior to shipping it out. This process guarantees that our hardware will not be DOA.

Asset Disposition, Made Easy.

Asset Disposition,

Made Easy.

Need to dispose of old hardware? We can help! Just pack up your equipment and we’ll take it from there (shipping included). Once evaluated in our tech center we’ll cut you a check. We have years of experience dealing in hardware — we are buying and selling it every day. That means we know the true and current market value and can offer you top dollar for your used equipment. The money you make by selling to us can then be rolled into your IT refresh or project, ultimately saving you even more. We strictly adhere to current downstream processing standards, meaning we securely dispose of your data while recycling usable elements in order to keep electronic waste to a minimum.


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